Try to imagine, as Mbembe mentions,
a “complete conflation of war and politics (and racism, homicide, and suicide), until they are indistinguishable from one another.”

What exactly do you imagine? What events come to mind?
As he says, this has historically been argued as unique to Nazi terror, but the attacks of September 11 hardly evade the description.
It would be ghastly to draw broad and inconsiderate parallels between the Nazi state of terror and the attacks of September 11.
However, accounting for their distinctions in order to make overlaps visible,
especially the industrialization of death and mechanized implementation of terror,
might illuminate a realism that is otherwise difficult to parse and swallow;
a reality that has been favorably avoided in the spirit of national unity and administrative agendas.
Baudrillard seems to contend that these attacks used an innovation of pre-existing technical and social mechanisms as a form of mass destruction,
and used them likewise against themselves:

. “When the two towers collapsed, one could feel that they answered the suicide of the kamikazes by their own suicide.
It has been said: 'God cannot declare war on Itself.' Well, It can. The West, in its God-like position (of divine power,
and absolute moral legitimacy) becomes suicidal, and declares war on itself.”


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