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“they cease to exist” is a phrase chosen by Wikipedia editors in the article discussing tree line, the area of a habitat wherein trees “cease to exist” because of environmental stressors. Lack of available moisture is the primary deprivation, and the taller the life form, the more exposed to wind, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. Life itself does not cease here - the life that does persist is abundant and savvy. It is very, very low to the ground. The duration of its lifespan is sure to be difficult. The scalding snow spares no one. The wind ought to rip you away from the earth. The sun hardly has any decency at any time of year and is sure to singe the last amount of moisture that sits about your surface. Trees are too large to live up here, but they crawl up to try anyway. Many seedlings attempt. They live short and turbulent lives. They succumb quickly.


Kathryn Knowlton
Rindon Johnson

Rebecca Friedman