John Knight
Lia Griesser
Jonah Porter
Jacob Schaeperkoetter-Cochran
Zachary Davis

JONAH PORTER [PZT sE.T +d.E 1 (for Pierre)]  

The THUNDER actuator is in part based on the RAINBOW
piezoelectric developed at Clemson University MFC is derived from the Active
Fiber (evolutionarily biomorphic fabrication in limbo )
Composite “AFC” and RFD is an evolution of the MFC and THUNDER (Fig. 1). [4-8]
THUNDER wafer is an actuator that has increased motion along the Z-axis, and is
infinitely through the selection of laminating components. [4] The basic MFC is an
in-plane (mute precision, untimely brittle potential realized)
actuator that has an increased component of unidirectional strain. [5] The RFD is
similar to
the THUNDER device (petrification relics) in that it displays exaggerated Z-axis
displacement, but the electric
field is(outsourced in) radially distributed.[7,9]



An object originally designed to protect coastal landscapes from adverse hyrdraulic forces, dolos function is to prevent erosion and diffuse violent breakwaters. The dimension of these industrious objects is typically monumental: three meters tall, constructed of concrete, and weighing approximately 20 tons apiece. Placed en masse along shorelines, their shape allows them to shift and lock with the undulating ocean. Dolos lend security to inland structures and their inhabitants.

My Dolos does not achieve the same end. The resin-cast body is no greater than four inches in any direction. It can be picked up and is easily buried by wind-blown sand. Not applicably industrious or monumental, My Dolos is alone, small, and humbled.

--JSC 2013


ZACHARY DAVIS [Prime Walker]

Mazirian plucked a rose from the shuddering bush and advanced toward her, fighting the surge of the Live Boots. He had taken but four steps when the woman dug her knees into the ribs of her mount and so plunged off through the trees. Mazirian allowed full scope to the life in his boots. They gave a great bound, and another, and another, and he was off in full chase.

So Mazirian entered the forest of fable. On all sides mossy boles twisted up to support the high panoply of leaves. At intervals shafts of sunshine drifted through to lay carmine blots on the turf. in the shade long-stemmed flowers and fragile fungi sprang from the humus; in this ebbing hour of Earth nature was mild and relaxed. Mazirian in his Live Boots bounded with great speed through the forest, yet the black horse, running with no strain, stayed easily ahead. For several leagues the woman rode, her hair flying behind like a pennon. She looked back and Mazirian saw the face over her shoulder as a face in a dream. Then she bent forward; the golden-eyed horse thundered ahead and soon was lost to sight. Mazirian followed by tracing the trail in the sod.

The spring and drive began to leave the Live Boots, for they had come far and at great speed. The monstrous leaps became shorter and heavier, but the strides of the horse, shown by the tracks, were also heavier and slower. Presently Mazirian entered a meadow and saw the horse, riderless, cropping grass. He stopped short. The entire expanse of tender herbiage lay before him. The trail of the horse leading into the glade was clear, but there was no trail leaving. The woman therefore had dismounted somewhere behind—how far he had no means of knowing. He walked toward the horse, but the creature shied and bolted through the trees. Mazirian made one effort to follow, and discovered that his boots hung lax and flaccid—dead.

– Jack Vance