Dear Friends,

The current disasters affecting the oceanic regions of the Northern Hemisphere indicate the undeniable trajectory for climate intensification, and subsequent disaster recovery efforts.

This is the new normal.

Our belief in this is as extreme as the fires, hurricanes, and droughts themselves.

As people less affected, it will become a responsibility to go out of comfort zones to balance what has become a disastrous display of masturbatory neglect on the part of fossil fuel capitalism.

This December, in our second year of DIY or DIE December, we intend to educate ourselves about tools of radically sustainable architecture.

These particular tools, developed by master architect Michael Reynolds, claim to give people anywhere on the planet the autonomous ability to build and rebuild.
These structures, called Earthships, are completely self-sustaining.

While it is unreasonable to expect that each person could build one of these for oneself, there are aspects to be gleaned.
Passive solar can provide heat at all times of year.
Greywater filtration can get 3x the use out of water harvested from natural rainfall.

In 2016, as a beta effort, we practiced a month of spending no money.

We will update twitter and facebook with this year’s project.

-Amur Initiatives